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The automotive industry is one of Minikomp’s key industries. As a service and system construction company with qualified engineers and technicians, we can offer a wide range of services. We advise you with integrated solutions from concept development to final assembly and commissioning. Our engineers will develop your solution and implement it right through to commissioning.

From the areas of automation of production processes to data processing or industrial measuring technology, we will impress you with our expertise. Of course, we also offer a flexible connection to existing automation processes or link upstream and downstream processes.


Blisters, stickpacks and sachets are no foreign words to us. Matching cartoning machines? With pleasure. We create space-saving and flexible systems for you.
And synchronised, too, if you wish.


Energy and hydropower: 3-month turbine refinishing reduced to 1 week

Energy with hydropower. Environmentally friendly and optimal in use. For this area, Minikomp has developed a system for the post-processing of the turbine blade bearings sealing surface – without having to remove them.
Normally, the overhaul of the blades means a downtime of more than 3 months for a hydropower turbine. Our system reduces this downtime to 1 week. This is economical and brings cost savings.


Aerospace: Plant for aircraft turbines made of titanium-aluminium.
Two worlds united.

Hardly any other market plays such a major role in the use of innovative materials such as titanium-aluminium.
For this industry, the aerospace industry, we have developed a system for the production of aircraft turbine blades made of titanium-aluminium. The main tasks of this innovative system from Regensburg are the automated production of moulds for centrifugal casting and the post-processing of negative moulds.
 Hot moulds with a temperature of 500°C are placed in the post-processing furnaces by robots and cooled down gently. Titanium-aluminium makes aircraft engines quieter, more economical and more environmentally friendly.


Plastics for medical technology and other areas:

Reproducible processes with absolute accuracy, traceability and speed – these are our core tasks in the field of system construction for the plastics industry. Whether handling and feeding systems for injection moulding units or assembly systems for further processing of the products. Ultrasonic welding, bonding and joining. Minikomp is the right partner for system construction for plastics processing companies.


Electronics is both a challenge and a solution.

The highest quality and precision, with which we are already very well acquainted from our industrial measuring technology 5.0 – RobInspect, are also important in the electronics industry and especially in plant engineering. A high degree of knowledge of materials and their machinability is important in order to develop and plan economical solutions.

For the battery assembly industry, a promising market for electromobility, we have developed systems that glue and assemble battery modules and packs. Battery technology is constantly evolving. We partake in all technological leaps and offer solutions that are economical and environmentally friendly.

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